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I won the drawing at my local Hot Topic today!! I’m so excited Mane-iac & Spike look great and much to my surprise this set is much larger in person..can’t wait to set it up with the rest of my collection!

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I won!!


I was at my local hot topic two weekends ago and I decided to put my name in for the mane-iac figure while I was there and I got a call today saying that I won it!! Horray!!! I’m so excited!! I’m going to post pictures when I pick it up later.

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Fluttershy photo shoot to celebrate my first time at build a bear!

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I’m pretty sure that’s how it happened 

also look who earned their wings! spoiler: it was me 

((fourth image based off this

also ask box is re-opened))

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Cheering Three


Cheering Three

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